Arthur's New Suspension Arch

Over the time we have known each other, you have heard me express my curiousity & great passion for bondage.  And of my desire to construct a suspension frame in my studio, composed of an extended wall, four roman-styled wooden beams mounted vertically in each corner, and a thick 4x8 beam placed atop the first two beams, creating a very sturdy archway for all kinds of play.  Well, I have been busy lately, putting thought to form.  And I wanted to share with you my newly transformed studio...

Without further delay

Come discover

Something new

Something serious new suspension unit, designed with you in mind.
Maybe you will be tied standing, or lying on the floor & then lifted.
Then again, fully lifted or raised just by your balls?  So much to consider....
Once taken, will you be whipped, flogged, plugged,
spanked, teased, tormented, humiliated, and suspended?
And positioned upright or upside-down?
At any angle I choose.
Good times.

So, my straitjacket is ready

It awaits you now

Of course, there are many ways to capture & suspend you: 
whether I strip you naked, shove you into a leather straitjacket,
strap you onto a sling, or stuff you into a bodybag (one with accesible zippers).. 
Each road leads to a different result for you, but all of them fun, for me.
  Below, witness the first boy who helped me break in my new archway.

So, what will I do with you?
Come discover.

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