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L.A.'s Premiere Mistress, Stephanie Locke.
Visit her at www.stephanielocke.com.
A Hollywood Legend, expert in heavy bondage,
mummification, transformation, and psychological dominance.

Patricia Marsh House of Domination

Toronto's own Patricia Marsh.  Exotic, compelling, and delightful.
Stylish & tough, her ladies will make your visit to Canada something special.  Check out her fabulous website at www.patriciamarsh.com


Amazing rubber & latex wear.  The hoods & muzzle-gags are exceptional. Creators of the deflatable vacuum suit.   Their main store is in London, with a satellite store in Amsterdam (west of Damrak).

@Corset Home

 by Isabella

If you are serious about corsets, whether to shop now, get information, or to create something one of a kind, check out this excellent classified ads page, @CorsetHome, features the world's best corsetry designers & manufacturers.  Choose from the traditional & classic styles of Axfords, Dark Garden, and my new favorite Isabella Costumiere (whose corset is featured to your left).  Or look into more exotic styles from Demask & Versatile Fashions (neither of which are featured @CorsetHome, but deserve your attention).  Puimond corsets are featured in Madame S stores.

Amsterdam's own originator of rubber & latex design.  Styles from classic corsetry to futuristic body wear.  Be sexy, powerful, and feel out of this world.  Located in the Red Light District, east of Damrak.

A new provider of spanking implements, offering a wide variety of styles in 10 different types of wood, some quite
exotic and beautiful, as you can see.  
(They also stock leather straps &
paddles for your pleasure.)

Some of the finest fetish wear suppliers are in London, and this UK store offers the best quality rubber polo shirt I have found. The cut is easy to get on and off, and is well-ventilated to keep the wearer cool no matter how hot the scene.  This shirt comes in black and green rubber, with a black leather version also available. They emphasize stylish fetish wear for men, yet their bondage gear and toy selection are also worth perusing.  

Shop on-line or visit them in London.  

Located in the heart of the Red Light District in Amsterdam (and another store in Berlin), this men's leather, rubber, & latex shop stocks first class equipment and body wear. Some of it you have not seen anywhere else!

The best domestic manufacturer & distributer of bondage wear and BDSM equipment, these folks have men's needs well in hand.  Leather, latex, rubber, metal, spandex, neoprene, and more.  They stock it all, from classic cuffs & cockrings to suspension gear, straightjackets & cages, all their products are designed by players for players.  Based out of San Francisco in a megastore showcasing Mr. S stuff in one showroom & Madame S in another, a trip to California is sexier than ever!  "When you're ready for the good stuff..."

(As of 4/26 the L.A. store closed its doors.  Very sad.  Loved that place.  Will continue to buy from the SF store on-line, as long as their quality & creativity remains first rate.  Thank you, Mr. Hunter, for civilizing L.A. for a while.)

The new female counterpart to Mt. S Leather, naturally.   Both stores sit opposite each other on 7th Street in San Francisco, to make that his & her shopping trip even smoother.  Their website is forthcoming as is the ladies' catalog.  Hot stuff!

Toronto's premier leather store for over 30 years, Northbound offers stylish, elegant fashion & fetish wear, some of the best you will find.  (I have one of their fitted leather dress shirts, with my eye on the knee length five-button coat.)  They will tailor-make your fantasy, from the boardroom to the bedroom.  As they say, live your life in luxury.

Rainbow Rope
A wonderful diversity of soft & strong colored ropes (22 colors to choose from), in Multi Filament Polypropylene (MFP), Hemp, braided cotton, and rubber cord.  Also medical toys, mummification supplies, and more.

Rubber & latex wear, leather, & some military wear.  They stock inflatable & deflatable devices, as well as some Fetters UK equipment (sleepsacks, bondage bags).  Located in London (in the area of Islington, near the Angel tube stop).

L.A.'s answer to hot rubber, latex, and leather design wear. Mr. Wilkes does an excellent job bringing his own UK fetish style to the West Coast.  Worth a visit!

Erotic Publications
Magazines, Books,
 On-Line Services

Formerly a bi-monthly magazine, spotlighting raw rowdy male bondage & corporal discipline.  Strictly sexy.  If you can find back-issues, enjoy!!
Unfortunately, due to obvious political & "moral" pressure from our current  administration, B&G have closed their operations as of June 22nd, 2005.

Old-fashioned corporal discipline, emphasis on romance with the girl the center of attention.  Videos, on-line streaming, magazines, erotic novels.  Hot het and beautiful girl-girl spankings.


Europerve is Amsterdam's own wicked, fetish play party. Enjoy daytrips wandering the canals, art museums, and  rubber/leather stores (they emphasize rubber in the Netherlands), then when night falls don your perviest attire and hit this pansexual event...where anything goes! 
Curious?  Then plan a trip to Amsterdam at the end of May. 
Visit www.demask.com for latest news.

San Francisco's leather folk street fair, on Folsom between 7th & 12th Street.
A great outdoor event, with peripheral parties throughout the weekend.
Held on the last Sunday of September).

The annual men's leather competition, play party, market bizarre, and social scene.  Hosted in Chicago, usually in May.

San Diego's annual weekend fetish gathering, market, BDSM teaching, seminars, and play party.  See also Club X .

London's ultimate fetish fashion event.  Show off your secret side, and make a friend or two (maybe even in the coat check line). 

Held beginninng of October, so book your reservations early.  Also, there will be fetish events going on all through the weekend leading up to the Ball, so you can design your own brand of fun.  Hosted by Skin Two .

Shadow Lane's
Spanking Party

Shadow Lane usually hosts one or two Spanking parties a year.  The last upcoming party was held in Las Vegas in March 2009. 

This is strictly a Spanking Scene (with some cross-over attendees), so it is not as diverse a crowd as you would see in Leatherfest or Europerve.  One of my early "coming out" experiences was at a Shadow Lane Event, when I first began exploring Corporal Discipline.  Mostly a het & girl-girl crowd, with some fringe boy-boy onlookers.  They want to produce a boy-boy video soon, so you may see the party crowd evolving.



A high quality Bondage & SM link site.

Domination Directory International is the place to go for meeting a Mistress, and possibly even a Master.  In magazine (DDI) and on-line formats.


Just like it says.  Your Fetish Guide to the Netherlands.  
Also see Demask .

A bi-weekly publication for men enjoying time in Northern & Southern California (2 separate editions).  Frontiers is informative, witty, and a great ad section (check out the S&M/Models).

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