Strange Angel

On this boy I used my latex bodybag as a leg binder.  I rolled the top of the bag down to his waist, and cinched two bondage belts around him to anchor it.   The first zipper was slid all the way to the waist.  The second & third zippers were positioned just around his groin.  I strapped down his legs & chest with two more belts secured around the table, then tied off this ankles to the end of the table.

Next I laced his arms into my oxblood leather lace up sleeves and tied them criss-cross to two opposing chairs that were placed under the table.  Finally a darlex hood completed his bondage attire!  He struggled wonderfully on command (he needs little prodding to writhe & whimper).  Next time I really must gag him better...a friendly neighbor admitted to listening in amusement to my boy's very vocal torment.

They say that Angels come in many forms.  The stranger the better, don't you think?

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