Suited for Sens Dep
(catsuit provided by billySIRR)

M wanted a little sensory deprivation trip.  We started with a rope harness around his cock and balls, then added a latex pair of shorts from Syren.  The catsuit came next, fitting the feet, fingers, head and neck just right.

Then I added the bondage sleeves & ankle cuffs.  I kept him this way for a while, running my fingers over his nipples & more vulnerable areas.

After a time with him on his knees, I sat him in the chair for a break.  I added the darlex hood (a gift from M), and had some boot fun with him.

And lastly, I added a leather padded hood to him, layed him speadeagled on my bondage table, and strapped him down well.  A perfect final position for additional torment and teasing, don't you think?

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