r-boy's Holiday Hogtie

One of the newest boys in my growning stable, r-boy is flexible, muscle-toned, and sensitive to bottom play, as you can see by his coloring below.  Also, if you look between the cheeks, you will spot the black base of a special item he brought in just for our play.  After a thorough ass-reddening, he was ready for more. 

Down on his belly, butt in the air, he happily held his toy like a wagging tail.  I added a rope harness to its base, and secured him into a tight hogtie.  His legs were bent back and tied off to one side of the plug.  His wrists were tied to the other side, so that as he moved, he began to affect his own comfort/discomfort. 

This is what Amanda Wildfyre calls "Predicament Bondage."


How long could you take a hogtie like this one?

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