Bound & Gagged Boys:
First Encounter


It began as a little photo play-date, something intended for submission to Bound & Gagged magazine's fourth annual bondage photo contest.  I wanted to shoot two boys pitted against each other during a grueling 6-hour period of heavy restraint and gagging. 

For this pairing, I first selected one of my favorite beefcake models, R-boy.  Big & thick, I dressed him down to a jockstrap and two tattooes.  The other model I found while shopping at 665 Leather in Hollywood...Bud Hole (check out his site  Receptive to my bondage proposal, Bud came across charming & adventurous;  his look was just what I wanted, both well-sculpted and beautifully inked.  In my mind, the boys seemed an excellent match.

R-boy arrived first at my friend's bondage studio, and I immediately secured him to a straightback chair, legs spread open, his balls leashed with rope, the ends of which I anchored to each big toe.  He was gagged & blindfolded, unable to see or speak as Bud entered the room and sat.   He had never met Bud before this moment.  I invited Bud to lay his hands on R-boy, and begin to explore his well-wrapped playmate.