A Dream in Leather Darkness

The dream began when Tom asked me about R, a boy he found featured in my gallery.  Tom had been wanting to add a 3rd player (a 2nd bottom) into one of our scenes and wondered if I might be able to arrange a meeting.   I put the idea to R, who upon seeing photos of Tom, readily agreed.

I arranged the following scenario, beautifully photographed by my friend Trainer J.  I only had one stipulation:  since R's face is never seen in my photos, a hood was to remain on either Tom or R for the first few hours.  The two boys would have to first discover each other through their other senses.

I instructed Tom to arrive first.  I prepared him with bondage sleeves (arms tied behind him) and legs straddling the bondage table.  The darlex hood with extra wide mouth hole covered his head.  R arrived one hour later, and was brought in to run his hands across Tom's chest, a subtle & powerful introduction.

Then I tied the boys facing each other, knees touching...

...their lips placed within kissing distance.

  I was pleased with their enthusiasm & progress.
Getting them together had proven to be a delight.

But I quickly found a challenge in keeping them apart.

After a while I pulled them further apart, lying face down.

Then I flipped them onto their backs, which made a comfortable bed for me to rest my leather-clad body.

The scene went on hours longer, until finally I released the two scoundrels, blissful & exhausted.  Of course, I'm also happy to report that a second session has been scheduled between me and the boys.  Very soon now, in fact.

To be continued....

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