Valentine's Day Perfection

Well, now...what do you do to a boy whose idea of a Christmas gift is a pair of lace-up bondage sleeves (in glorious Oxblood leather)?  Yes, this is the boy responsible for those amazing gloves.  Unfortunately, they had not yet arrived when Tom asked if he could spend his Valentine's Evening with me.  Inspired not only by the anticipation of my pending sleeves, but also by his boundless passion, trust, and willingness to surrender to me, I made him strip and sit so his legs straddled the bondage table.  I positioned him so his cock/balls dangled unprotected over an open facehole. 

I am quick to reward those darlings who display genuine appreciation and respect for me.  It only serves to inspire my wickedness that much more.  I tied a rope harness around his chest and waist, and brought his arms back behind him, first his wrists, and then his elbows.  I wanted to put his arms in a position which would approximate what the bondage sleeves could do (I was also curious about his flexibility).

Once his upper body and arms were strictly restrained, I added some slender rope about his waist and brought it down above his cock/balls.  I knotted the rope in two places (close together), and drew his c/b through the small opening.  I then wrapped some rope first around the cock & balls, then just around the balls.  From beneath his balls, I gripped the rope with steady tension, pulling them apart beneath the table, and attaching the two ends  to each of his cuffed ankles.  This way his ankles (pulled back, of course) kept him in place).

I added a little piece of latex from a ripped tank top, and wrapped it about his cock/balls so that it stretched smoothly over the skin.  His moaning at my teasing hand drawing wicked shapes across the latex fueled my  fascination.  I even began writing my name across the balls, my fingers lightly spelling out his fate.

Since he arrived at my studio with a dozen blood-red roses in his hands, I felt this touch of bold red beauty drawn just-so across the body was necessary.  Of course the moment it was added, his mood lightened even higher still.  His breath conveyed a smile, a laugh, and the relaxed surrender of his mind & body opening up to deeper intimate trust.  And contact.
A leather collar had already been fastened about his neck and locked (with the key in my leather vest pocket).  Since I knew how passionate he became when exposed to leather, I secured a leather jock strap about his face, making it into a unique muzzle.  I kept him in this state of erotic excitement for a while, exploring, teasing, tickling, kissing, nibbling, and enjoying him quite thoroughly. 


This smile explains it all.  Thank you, Tom.

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