Slave M:  Strapped Down Tight


My boy M loves to melt helplessly into heavy forms of sensory deprivation:  thick leather hoods with padding over the eyes, ears, and mouth;  hands encased in snug neoprene gloves then stuffed tight into padded fist mitts (which really prevent the fingers from moving!), and then roped off above to pull the hands upward;  cuffs secured around the upper arms, stretching them wide apart;  form fitting latex shorts (courtesy of Syren);  leather bondage belts fastening the boy down onto the table at the chest and legs;  medical bandages wrapped individually around each foot (up to the calf), then wrapped together as one unit (a hint of mummification), and buckled together with a short leather belt.

While I love heavy sensory deprivation scenes, including straight jackets, body bags, even mummification by bandages or duct tape, I find that the contrast of deep immobilization with bare naked skin to be profoundly erotic and effective.  A teasing feather, a wandering pinwheel along the legs, a warm sponge to polish the latex shorts, even a melting ice cube held between my lips (as I draw figures with my lips across his shivering skin)...all effective ways to captivate your captive's attention. 


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