Sin & Sire

Tom was looking for the endorphin rush he gets from really intense play, but his fidgeting often earns him strict discipline.  Placing him in a corner for his first time with Roy helped to control that problem and made for a charming sight.  

Tom's lover watched with great pleasure from the corner of the room.  He was very curious just when and how to hit this high note.  So Roy and I were asked to provide our own brand of teasing and torment.  Of course, when you find yourself between Sin & Sire, better hold onto your hat.  We heat things up pretty quickly.

We chose flatter, broader implements and kept continual heat on Tom, with slight breaks in between rounds.  He can take quite a lot, so we never allowed his mind to wander.  Straps, paddles, tawses, our gloved hands, whips, floggers, and crops...we kept him guessing what was coming next.  And yes, the crop did break finally across Tom's backside.  Roy saw to that.

Roy and I like to get right down to business.  I do the bondage to my taste, as he warms 'em up.  Then we take turns fanning the fire hotter and higher.  We really do egg each other on.  Sort of good cop, bad cop stuff.  Except we both like being the bad one.  Besides when we have a good excuse, as when a bottom isn't on his knees waiting patiently for us to arrive (when he has been given clear instructions to do so), we tend to be rather thorough with our administration of discipline.

As you can see, we came, we saw, we conquered.


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