Slave M models the Ultra Padded Leather Hood.

My latest hood is this Ultra Padded beauty from Leather Creations.  It is designed with padded sections over the eyes, cheeks, and ears, and has addtional straps to secure it under the chin and across the eyes.  A secure neck strap holds it in place supporting the lace-up rear entry.  This version has a 1/2" grommet for breathing (the other version comes with a 1/4" grommet).  Very comfortable, but also very intense.  Not for the faint of heart.

For a special treat, I brought him to my good friend Stephanie Locke, who let us play with her Fetters leather sleep sack (see below).  This piece has arm sleeves built into the inside so that once your darling is fulled zipped in up to the neck, there is absolutely no escape.  As you can see, the patches at the nipples open up for access, and there is a 3-zipper design which allows the top to open up the bag for CBT play.  All the while M struggled in padded darkness for hours on end.


M models my Cocoon latex hood, a sexy but simpler style with back zipper, eyeholes, and inflatable gag.  A great piece if you want to begin exploring hoods and want something fun, but need something  less emotionally intense.

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