billySIRR @ Stonehenge

The first time I met Billy was in the coat check line at Rubber Ball '97 in London. He wore just what you see here:  a velvet camoflage catsuit.  Notice the dog tags, boots, belt, and flask filled with (water?).  This suit is custom-made.  In fact, catsuits are almost strictly mail-order, often entirely hand-sewn, and complete with gloved hands, a zip-in entry point high on the back, and in this case mesh holes for the eyes.

So a month later, just before New Years 1998, we met in London a second time.  He still had his catsuit with him (naturally).  I thought Stonehenge would make a perfect background for his unique fetish design.  Now sometime ago, tourists & visitors to Stonehenge messed around with the stones, and the English preservationists didn't like it too much.  So now when you go there, you have to stand about 200 feet away.  Well, the only way I could photograph Billy properly in front of this scenery was to have him step over this tiny green rope (about 8 inches off the ground), and step into the foreground.
 Which aroused a lot of attention.

No one could see who he was.  Oh, but they could see me.  And then...

...Billy really wanted to rub up against one of the rocks.  Kind of officially "Greet" Stonehenge.  Then he suddenly needed to take off all his accessories, leaving on just the catsuit.  If you know anything about wearing spandex or second skins, this is akin to being naked.

This was the last picture of Billy I took at Stonehenge.  Then the nice English security guards came and told us this behavior was not tolerated.

We left promptly, although even through the catsuit, I could see Billy was still excited to have caused such a stir.