The Further Adventures of billySIRR
billy in L.A.

Billy came to town with an attitude for restless adventure & trouble.  His catsuit fetish in some way affects him like an animal, sometimes he's like a snake writhing in his tight-fitting skin, other times he's like a cat on a hot tin roof.  Either way he craves attention.  And lots of it.

His recent visit to L.A. proved once again that when he and I dare to combine a little fetish fun and photography, we tend to cause a commotion.  This time he arrived wearing a new black catsuit (one with a dark metallic shine), a motorcycle jacket, and spanish cyber-punk boots.  I suggested he roll down his hood, and don my best Cocoon Rubber Hood.  He did so without hesitation, and soon stood before me looking decidedly twisted, his fetishes all meshing together at once.  Before I knew it I was chasing him down the hall, this wild animal seeking mischief.  We ventured our way up onto the roof.


Armed with my camera, I kept his attention, and sought to capture the spirit of the evening set so clearly against the backdrop of a clear winter night.

We were only up on the roof for 10-15 minutes, if that.  My flash going off, Billy looking freaky near the edge of the roof, and people sitting across the street sipping their lattes watching all of it.  I admit he must have looked like some crazed gimp at a distance (hell, I was right by him and I thought that) or some comicbook wrestling fan.  We headed for the stairs, finished with our photo session, just as a police helicopter came swooping overhead.  Circling, circling.  The droning wasp above us, we in the stairwell slipping away.  We laid low for a moment, amused that in such a short time, we had the authorities in such a huff.  They get bored here.

Still restless, Billy wanted to head down to Drakes, the late night sensual supply shop, to see if he could cash in on a friend's discount.  Not merely satisfied with his local disturbance, he now wanted take his fetish adventure to the streets.  And not just any street.  Melrose.

I had my hands full keeping up with his royal rowdiness.  He stomped about nearly causing another scene.   A cop car passed us, he ducked into Drakes.  Before long, a second cop car passed again, same direction.  Characters in full rubber & leather on Melrose at night, stores all closed except Drakes and a nearby bar.  We hadn't been there long, but I could feel we were pushing it.  Los Angeles is not a late night city.  And fetish freaks stand out like a sore thumb. You have to be able to move quickly in this town if you want to live out your dreams.

Billy emerged from Drakes, feeling exposed.  It was time we moved on.  So we slipped out of the neon lights and into the shadows....

Somewhere else in the city, a special invitation from a beautiful catlover led us to a safe haven for fetish boys, the home of Stephanie Locke.  Once there, he removed his rubber hood, pulled the top of his catsuit up over his head, and zipped it snug.  The Mistress petted and stroked his face over the fabric of his spandex suit.

He grew silent, adopting a feline posture & sensibility.  Twisting, stretching, warming to the room. Before long his jacket & boots were off.  I later found him in the company of Nemo, the new young cat of the house.

The two cats snuggled each other, finding peasure in the secret they shared together.  

I left him to bliss out, wrapped in a leopard print blanket, still in his catsuit.  One thing about Billy: he never really rests in a catsuit.  That is, when dressed, he is wired.  One hand is always roaming, whether to touch his own catsuit or someone near him, and his mind is happily racing.  Flicking like a tiger's tail.

There's only so much I can do for the boy.  My job is to encourage his wildness and capture it in its highest form.  However, there being no end to his wildness I eventually must bid him a happy farewell and leave him to reach his own conclusions.

As for me, I slipped out happy with the night's events, and mused further on a plan to put Billy's wildness to further test & action, sometime soon, somewhere wilder, and perhaps with a extra friend or two....

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