I am Arthur Sire,
lifestyle dominant,
fetish enthusiast,
playful sadist,
performance artist,
erotic disciplinarian,
gothic guide, and
ardent fantasist.

I find great pleasure
in exposing you
to your most secret dreams,
holding you firmly
in inescapable bondage
that compels you
to wriggle vulnerably,
your body left open
to exploration,
exquisite teasing and denial,
strict control and release.

As one of the best trained tops
on the West Coast, my tastes vary,
ranging from sexy classic bondage
to sensual intense body play, spanking,
leather, rubber, gags, blindfolds, hoods,
nipple & genital training, gloves, plugs,
straightjackets, sensory deprivation,
verbal control, boots, foot worship,
predicament bondage, a sense of humor,
shaving, waxing, electrical games, pony play,
harnesses/boots for boys, corsets/stockings for girls,
and kink in sexy locales with fellow fetish travelers.

I shop at the top fetish stores,
including Mr. S/Fetters, Syren, Cocoon,
Mr. B,
Regulations, and Expectations.  
I travel to London, Amsterdam,
Chicago, and  San Francisco
to attend the Rubber Ball, Europerve,

IML, Folsom, and Leatherfest,
and when in Los Angeles,
I visit the hottest clubs & Fetish Balls.

My own play space is private, discreet,
and fully equipped for impulsive erotic invention.
Whether we stay in or venture out,
I will deepen your awareness and
understanding of your own desires,
test your limits, and tease your senses.

I encourage and expect you to nourish yourself, to collect your own fetish wear & unique play toys, and to submit willingly to your deepest passions.

I entertain all sincere correspondents, but select to play with only those who display the proper interest and appreciation, and who exhibit a burning desire to explore the thrill of submission to a strong higher power.

Keep your eyes and mind open, as fetish play will expand your perceptions of sensuality and what it means to be a sexual being.

As my gallery grows, you will find only tasteful depictions of fetish submission and control.  Sometimes severe, often playful.  But always achieved with a degree of balance, elegance, and decadent fun.

I invite you to indulge with me....

Arthur Sire

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TEL:  323-228-0802