Time Out In Rubber

After spending more than an hour in the darlex body bag M presented me for my birthday, it was time to but him in a rubber straitjacket.  This jacket comes with bicycle-style legs, and a zipper which seals the occupent from the top of the ass, between the legs, and up the chest all the way to the collar.  There are 5-zippers in all, so I enjoy sealed someone inside it, and still being able to open up sections at the chest, or crotch, or ass.

Because of the roominess inside the bag, I  put rubber fistmitts on him, then had him cross his arms.  Using a roll of black  latex, I wrapped his arms, chest, and back until his arms were well pinned.  Then I zipped up the straitjacket, and buckled the belt at his waist and collar.  I also added a bondage strap around his waist, securing him back to the chair. 

Next I secured his ankles and thighs to the chair with plenty of rope.  The last item was a latex hood, which I zipped onto his head, and then inflated it until full.  His mouth, stuffed full with the hood's built-in gag, was then swollen further when I pumped the gag three times.

I find it wonderfully perverse and curious how calm this process makes a boy.

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