Stretched Tight

He wanted to be stretched tight.  First he had been wrapped snug in a darlex sleep sack for over an hour.  Then he sat for another hour in a warm moist rubber straitjacket, his head encased in a latex inflatable hood, his mouth filled with an inflatable gag.  Now he needed to be stretched out until his body could not take any more.

His hands were put into padded leather fist mitts, and anchored by chain and rope along one side of my studio.  Then I added a blindfold, and a pair of ankle cuffs topped with a spreader bar.  I adjusted the tension of each of his legs, so that he was being pulled with equal tension in four different directions.

Lastly, I added an inflatable butterfly gag and pumped it four times, until he could not push out of his mouth.  I continued to enjoy his predicament, taunting him a while longer, until he finally cried a muffled "Mercy."   He was happily spent.

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