Darlex Body Bound

Do you dream of being shoved into a tight, dark & warm space?  Maybe you do, but the idea of a rubber sack is just too hot & juicy for you.  Then check out my new sleep sack made from darlex, a strong & stretchy fabric three times thicker than spandex.  This is the bag for you! 

If you dream of your senses being restricted (deprived of movement, taste, touch, vision, smell, some hearing ), your body held fast in a breathable encasement, all the while extra zippers on the sack are slid down over a particularly vulnerable area, and opened up....

You might love the idea.
And want me to do things to you

But still you might squirm
& fidget, despite yourself

So, of course, I would secure you more firmly

  ...then I would carry on...

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