Dressing 2 Thrill

These are a few of my favorite things to wear (and I continue to hunt and collect)!  If you are just beginning your own collection of fetish wear, start with something black.  Whether PVC, Leather, Latex/Rubber, black is the basic foundation of any wardrobe.  Have fun!!

Gray Leather Pants
with black piping

(Mr. S Leather)

Black Leather Policeshirt
with gray trim
(665 Leather)

Corcoran Leather Boots
(Mr. S)

Black Leather Cap

Black Leather Pants
(Mr. S)

Black Leather Dress Shirt
(Northbound Leather)

Corcoran Leather Boots
(Mr. S)
Camel Jodphurs
(Expectations, U.K.)

Black Leather Jacket
(Courtesy of billysirr)

Black Leather Riding Boots
(Equestrian Shop, Burbank)

White Cotton Shirt

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