Whipping Karl

One Friday night back in August, my very muscular boy Karl showed up in need of a good work-out.  Luckily, Mistress Lolita of The Den of Iniquity suggested we attend one of her Friday night play parties as a alternative playground for us to let loose.   Something happens to me when I play in a big, private, soundproofed office space.  I have this craving to whip and flog, and be as loud as a want to be.

Mistress Lolita of Los Angeles, and visiting Domina Delilah of NYC were very impressed with Karl's ability to withstand paddle, strap, crop, and four-foot single tail.  After I finished warming and marking my boy, the two beaming ladies burst into enthusiastic applause.  I prompted Karl to bow, which he did quite bashfully.

We were quite the hit that night, both myself (the only Leather Dom there) & my Friday night boy.  In a heavily female-dominated club filled with mostly submissive men, we were representing for my other Leather Brothers.

As for those men wanting to explore the virtues of exquisite female dominance, visit The Den in Hollywood or contact them online at The Den of Inquity, L.A.

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